(Seriola rivoliana): FARMED

Hawaiian Kampachi™ is a delicious, high-value yellowtail that is being responsibly cultivated in deep ocean fish ranching. In the wild, this species is referred to as amberjack or kahala. However, while Hawaiian Kampachi™ may lend itself to amberjack recipes, it is substantially different from its wild counterpart as it a product of controlled farming from hatch-to-harvest, making it a fish with a higher fat content, non-detectable levels of mercury and free from the  internal parasites that can afflict these fish in the wild.

The Hawaiian Blue Fishery’s method of sustainable fish farming for rearing and raising fish results in year round availability of Hawaiian Kampachi™, a sushi grade fish, with amazing culinary versatility.  Fed on a certified source of sustainable fish meal and fish oil with no GMOs, these fish are have no antibiotics and are not subject to selective breeding or genetic modification. Raised in sea pens in the open ocean in a deep water column exposed to a very high rate of water exchange, these fish also benefit from very low stocking densities which promote greater health among their stock.  This “sea ranch” is also subject to stringent water quality testing and benthic monitoring to assure that its environmental impact is minimal and meets Federal, US Fish & Wildlife, and the State of Hawaii standards.

Hawaiian Kampachi™, served as sashimi, is similar to the popular Hamachi/Hiramasa (or yellowtail). Among the many factors which determine quality in the discriminating sashimi market, fat content is the most important.  Served raw, they are outstanding as #1 grade sashimi, ceviche, and nigiri sushi. With a subtle, pure flavor when cooked, Hawaiian Kampachi™ also adapts to a variety of culinary styles and recipes and can be seared, sautéed, steamed, broiled or baked, spiced, sauced or dipped.

Hawaiian Kampachi™ is harvested at 5 lbs size. The fish are generally harvested only to fulfill orders which ensure the highest level of freshness.  Browne Trading is very pleased to offer this sashimi quality fish from a sustainable industry to our customers.

Harvest Region: Farmed in the Open Sea off Kona, Hawaii

Seasonality: Year Round

Yield (Fillet Percentage): 48%

Flavor Profile: Clean, Rich and Buttery

Texture Profile: Firm, with Broad Flakes


  • Snappers
  • Tuna

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