Camarones – Shrimp from Veta la Palma


VETA LA PALMA is a vast farming estate covering more than 27,000 acres situated between the Guadiamar and Guadalquivir Rivers near the Doñana National Park in the Seville region of Spain. Nested in the marshes of the Guadalquivir River, the Estate provides some of the most unique conditions in all of Europe for the development of aquaculture. Over 8,000 acres of marshland has been flooded by means of a sophisticated pumping and channeling system with water from the estuary of the River. Here, fish such as sea bass (Lubina), meagre and daurade are raised in a “free water” environment (whereby fresh, not standing, water is moving), feeding on all natural diet of the shrimp, smaller fish and aquatic insects already contained within the stabilized biological ecosystem. A key part of the total food chain is the “Camarones” shrimp, which thrive within the reservoirs in great numbers, and are a natural supplement to diet of the predatory fish within the ecosystem.

A favorite food of the Lubina bass, these small, translucent shrimp – sometimes called “grass shrimp” or even “ghost shrimp” – are common to and abundant in estuaries of brackish water like those of Veta la Palma on waterways along the European Atlantic through the Mediterranean Sea. They are resilient animals who adapt easily to changes in water salinity (they can also live in the sea) as well as water temperature. They thrive freely on algaes and nematodes (worms) that are naturally present in the waterways and reservoirs of the Estate. Indeed, it is hard to even consider these shrimp anything but wild. While a favorite and important food source of the fishes there, they are also a delicious and unique seafood item in the kitchen.

Due to their very small size, these shrimp are very versatile in a multitude of culinary applications. They are so small that they require no cleaning (it would be almost impossible due to their petite size) and are prepared whole. Prepare them rolled in flour and fried as in traditional Spanish dishes, or as ceviche, in shrimp rolls, seafood stuffings or soups, or even as an easy bar snack or amuse.

Browne Trading is pleased to offer these unique shrimp to our customers – available frozen, whole, packaged either raw or precooked.

Harvest Region: Raised in Free Water Aquaculture in Veta la Palma Estate, Seville, Spain

Seasonality: Year Round; Product is Frozen

Yield: 100 % (eaten whole)

Size: Over 1,000 Count per Pound

Flavor Profile: Sweet & Briny

Texture Profile: Firm


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