How to Prep, Roast & Serve a Whole Daurade

“Daurade in French, Orata in Italian, swims only on the other side of the Atlantic. The closest relative we find off the coasts of the United States is porgy, but porgy lacks the meatiness of Daurade. While most of the Daurade we encounter is likely to have been farmed—farmed Daurade typically weigh about a pound—the one shown here is a magnificent wild specimen caught of the European coast a day before we photographed it.

There’s nothing difficult about preparing Daurade; it’s prepped and cooked just like any other round fish, but here we show how to filet it after it has been cooked. Americans rarely eat whole fish because they don’t know what to do with it. It has a much better flavor than fish that’s been cut up into filets or steaks.”

~ James Peterson