Scottish Sea Trout – Fillet

$65.00 ($16.25 / lb)

One Whole Side, 4 lbs. avg., Skin-On

Product Description

Our farmed Scottish Sea Trout come from an area in Scotland steeped in history and surrounded by dramatic scenery. Loch Etive, found in the Highlands of Scotland, provides the perfect environment for our Trout to thrive. This is because the mixture of fresh and salt flowing water into the loch is as close to wild conditions as possible. Loch Etive trout is ethically-raised to Freedom Food standard. They are also raised antibiotic free, with no growth promoters, no hormones and with a GMO-free feed.

Scottish Sea Trout can be considered a bit more flavorful than the lighter-colored meat of the freshwater rainbow trout. The fish can be served broiled, poached, baked, sauteed, even smoked – our sea trout has a clean, bright taste often compared to that of char or salmon. It is also ideal for crudo, tartare, and sushi.

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Available as One Side. Skin-On. 4 Pound Avg.