Platinum Pearl Collection


Product Description

A very special collection, comprised of caviars unavailable anywhere else in the U.S. – produced by the Royal Belgian Caviar Company.

Impeccably presented in our handmade wood gift box with four hand crafted mother of pearl caviar spoons and two shell palettes for service, the Platinum Pearl Collection showcases 125 grams of the Platinum Caviar along with a pair of 125 gram tins of  the White Pearl Caviar.

The “Platinum Caviar” is made with eggs of the hybrid between Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) and Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii). On average, the eggs have a diameter of 3 mm – among the largest available anywhere. With it’s robust pearls, rewarding texture, and creamy finish, many are finding it similar to the Beluga Caviar that was once on the market. The “White Pearl Caviar” is produced by a stock of albino Sterlet sturgeon and have a structure and size very similar to Sevruga caviar. Their “white pearls” are visually distinct from any other caviar on the market – and have soft eggs with a very unique yet refined taste.

This is an exquisite – an exclusive – gift for those who truly appreciate the best caviars.

About Royal Belgium Caviar

Royal Belgium Caviar is one of Europe’s most acclaimed producers of beautiful caviars.  They began in the late eighties with the breeding of sturgeon in support of the development of sturgeon feed. In the early nineties, biologist Dr. Willy Verdonck was engaged in the breeding of sturgeon caviar, which yielded the first results in 2002. Although initially very limited, the production did gradually increase, as did the number of cultivated species. Through years of intensive research, Dr. Verdonck managed to completely control the breeding cycle of some sturgeon species (and he is now considered an international authority on caviar production). From the fertilization of the egg up to the production of caviar, every step in the farm, is meticulously controlled and monitored – and only one person, Willy’s wife Mia, is actually entrusted with the final production of the caviar.  Royal Belgium Caviar lines are exclusively sold in the U.S. by Browne Trading Co.