Percebes (Portuguese Gooseneck Barnacles)

$90.00 ($45.00 / lb) - Appr. 2 lb(s)

Product Description

Your first glance at Percebes (AKA Gooseneck Barnacles) is sure to be a memorable one. Remarkably ugly but amazingly delicious, these ornate creatures are an adventurous delicacy that will create intrigue on both the plate and the palate.

Our Gooseneck Barnacles are sourced from along the Iberian Peninsula, where in Spain and Portugal they’re more commonly known as Percebes.

Growing in cold water along the nooks and cracks where rough ocean surf and rocky outcrops meet, harvesting them is difficult and dangerous.

Availability is directly affected by the weather, and while some barnacles can be stripped from the surf-beaten rocks by hand during low tide; others require a diver armed with a pry bar to contend with rough waves and the threat of being thrown into or pinned against the rocks. The harvest is highly selective to ensure younger barnacles are able to grow and repopulate.

They are distinguished by their elongated stalks, or necks, that are commonly one to three inches in length and have a leathery appearance akin to that of a Geoduck. Portions of the shells in which they reside are frequently attached and are harvested in bunches, or bouquets, of three or four, but proliferate in large clusters along the intertidal zones.

Barnacles are usually steamed or blanched to reduce the salty taste and to remove the rough skin from the shell. The flesh inside can be stripped and eaten.

Although enjoyable on their own, the addition of a garlic butter dip or the like is recommended. Percebes are also an excellent addition to soups and chowders.

Available in units of 2 Lbs – Sourced from Portugal

Sizes vary from 15-25 per/LB