Maine Oysters – Seasonal Selection


25 Oysters

Product Description

Available as 25 oysters. Oysters are shipped live.

When it comes to oysters, Maine has some of the finest in the world. It is the skill of our producers, combined with the cold nutrient-rich waters of the state that make Maine oysters second to none.

With a Maine oyster, you can expect a clean and briny flavor – a true taste of the sea. You can enjoy our oysters in a host of different ways, including: raw on the half-shell, baked, grilled, or topped with caviar. We ship the freshest oysters in our inventory the day of your order – such as Browne points, Pemaquids, John’s River, Bagaduce, and Glidden Points (to name a few).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/CARE: Product ships live. Discard oysters that have broken or still remain open after pressing on their shell. Store in the fridge upon arrival, covered in damp towels or paper, preferably so they lie flat. DO NOT store in fresh water or ice. Do not store in airtight plastic containers or bags. Best when prepared the day of arrival, oysters will live up to 5 days in refrigeration.