Himalayan Salt Block


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Product Description

Salt blocks are gaining popularity with private chefs and home cooks alike because they heighten the flavor of your food with a natural seasoning, while sprucing up your typical cooking appliances. In addition to its stunning visual and pink glow, this salt block is great for adding a new cooking technique to your repertoire. 

You can cook numerous foods on the salt block including:

How to use:

The most important disclaimer for using a salt block is to heat gradually. Going from cold to hot too fast will cause the block to break. We recommend preheating the block from room temperature to high heat gradually for at least 45 min before cooking any food. Heating on a stove top or grill is best but ovens work, as well. 

  • 15 min on low heat
  • 15 min on medium heat
  • 15 min on high heat

To test if the block is hot enough, use a laser thermometer or sprinkle a few drops of water to see if they sizzle. The ideal temperature for a sear is 500 F. If the block is hot enough, the fish or meat should not stick but feel free to add a thin layer of oil on the food before placing down to avoid extra mess. 

How to clean:

Avoid soap at all costs. Once cool, use a small amount of water and wipe with a sponge until any residue is gone. Try to use as little water as possible to keep the salt intact. The salt is naturally antimicrobial so soap should not be needed nor used since it will deteriorate the surface. 

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