Grey Mullet

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Product Description

Not to be confused with the smaller Red Mullet (Rouget), the Grey Mullet is a much larger and robust fish. While it has not always enjoyed a strong culinary reputation, the fact is that Grey Mullet is a surprisingly good eating fish with full flesh that lends itself well to multiple cooking techniques. Our specimens raised at the Veta la Palma Estate benefit from the constant replenishment of natural ocean water flowing through the river Guadalquivir into the protected channels were they feed, resulting in a beautiful, clean taste not always associated with the Grey Mullet captured in the wild. They are ideal for many culinary applications – poached, fried, stuffed and baked, even grilled – and are gaining popularity in the nation’s best kitchens. Whole Fish are 3-4 Lbs each, Gutted. Two Skin-on Fillets are Approximately 2 Lbs, Net. Farmed. Spain