Hiramasa (Yellowtail)

$60.00 ($30.00 / lb) - Appr. 2 lb(s)


Product Description

We are proud to offer pristine farm raised Hiramasa. Our Hiramasa is raised in a closed-containment Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). This provides them a secure environment, and offers them a much lower chance of disease or infection. There are also no antibiotics or growth hormones administered to our Hiramasa.

The rich, sweet and clean flavor of our Maine Hiramasa is rapidly making it a favored selection of kitchens that are turning to responsibly raised seafood options. The fish can be served as sashimi, similar to the popular Hamachi, although it tends to have less dark muscle as other sushi fish. It has few bones in its firm, sweet fillets, which are white to pinkish in color, and has a full but not “fishy” taste and aroma. Other than sashimi, it can be sautéed, steamed, or grilled medium rare, with care taken not to overcook, and can be used in recipes calling for swordfish or Kampachi.

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Available as 2 fillets. Approximately 2-pounds total.