Organic King Salmon

Starting at $100.00 ($25.00 / lb)

Product Description

Creative Salmon originally followed more traditional and widely-used salmon farming techniques. But in 2001, the company switched to more natural practices, drastically reducing additives and chemicals in its processes.

In 2012, Creative Salmon decided to take its dedication to quality and sustainability one step further and applied for organic certification under the standards newly set out by the Canadian General Standards Board and became the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification.

The flavor and texture of Creative King Salmon is full, rich and pronounced. With a buttery and delicate texture and large, soft flakes this is King Salmon we are sure you will love.

Salmon is extremely versatile in the kitchen (hence it’s great popularity) and is delicious as fillet or steak cut pan-fried, steamed, grilled skin on, poached and braised. Fresh salmon is also served sashimi style and is, of course, wonderful when cold or hot smoked.

Available as a One 4-5 pound average skin-on side


One Whole Fish. Scaled and Gutted. Approx. 10-12 pounds

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