Corvina (Meagre)

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Product Description

Our Corvina (AKA Meagre) comes from the stunning Veta La Palma Estate located in Spain. In this environment, the Corvina feed on an all-natural diet of shrimp, smaller fish and aquatic insects already contained within the stabilized biological ecosystem. It is this completely sustainable and all natural diet that makes our Corvina taste better than any other on the market.

Sometimes called “Salmon Bass”, the Corvina is a member of the perch family. Known by many names – Drumfish in the US, Meagre, and Croaker in the UK, or Maigre by the French – it very closely resembles bass in both form and flesh.

Its sweet white flesh is suited for many types of preparations, including poaching, broiling and pan-frying – and is commonly compared to Striped Bass in most recipes. The skin is also considered a delicacy, especially when fried to crispy perfection. Harvested when they reach 4 to 6 pounds, this is a beautiful and versatile fish that is available to your kitchen year-round from Browne Trading Co.

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Available as One 4-5 Lb whole fish, scaled and gutted


Two Skin-On Fillets 3 Lbs Approx Total

Check out our link which explains how to prepare & fillet a round fish. This step by step guide has been provided by award-winning food writer, cookbook author, photographer, and cooking teacher James Peterson.

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