Balsamic Vinegar – Barrel Aged 25 years


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Product Description

Produced according to the traditional method of balsamic vinegar, this product stands alone for its acidic content of merely three percent. After reduction and partial caramelizing of the must, from the sweet Pedro Ximénez grape, it undergoes a slow process of acidification, maturation and careful aging for 25 years until obtaining the density and acidity aspired. The result is a product rich in flavors and aromas, delicious to adorn salads, meats, and noodles, as well as to refine desserts such as vanilla ice cream or strawberries.

A natural product without additives, preservatives, sweeteners or thickeners. Contains natural sulfides from grapes.

SOLD AS: One 200 ml Bottle with a detachable pour spout.

Bodega Avaro Montilla – desde 1830

Veredas Vinagre

Dulce de P.X.


P.X. Sweet Vinegar Cream

Produce of Montilla, Spain