Revolutionary Farming with Atlantic Sapphire

Atlantic Sapphire Identified as Best Choice

In last week’s blog we featured our new partnership with Baja Seas. We spoke about our excitement to be involved with an organization so dedicated to the future of aquaculture and sustainable fishing.

This week we want to highlight another partnership that we are proud to have established here at Browne. That is our partnership with Atlantic SapphireAtlantic Sapphire, founded and operating out of Denmark, is an organization which has revolutionized the salmon farming industry.

A Vision we Love

Atlantic Sapphire Farming ComplexAtlantic Sapphire’s vision was to create an environmentally friendly Atlantic salmon farm. They achieved this in Denmark with a land-based, bio-secure, state of the art Recirculating Aquaculture System R.A.S. They will soon begin construction of a similar facility in Miami, Florida.

The Monetary Bay Aquarium, the institution that is behind the Seafood Watch rating system, Sea Choice and Ocean Wise have all rated this system as “best choice”. Salmon raised in inland R.A.S. systems are the only farm raised salmon which get this rating because they pose no risk to wild fisheries.

The most sustainable salmon farming method in the world

Atlantic Sapphire’s Recirculating Aquaculture System is a closed-loop, tank-based system where the fish are grown under strictly controlled environmental conditions. Using 90 to 99 percent less water than other aquaculture systems, the water in the R.A.S. flows from the fish tanks through a treatment process and is then returned to the tanks.

Atlantic Sapphire Farming Complex

Using this system greatly reduces the discharge of waste as well as eliminating the need for antibiotics or chemicals – providing a protected environment for the salmon to live and grow while keeping predators and parasites out.

Why is this method so Special?

Atlantic Sapphire Salmon Held Open Two Sides

Atlantic Sapphire’s goal was to create a system which would replicate a wild salmon’s life. Their R.A.S. purifies the water, maintains very strong currents, and provides both fresh and salt water. The salmon are allowed to swim freely against the strong water currents generated by the RAS and can travel between fresh and salt water throughout their life. Raised in these ideal conditions, the salmon develop a firm texture and a nice muscular structure.

Farming on land in closed containment allows the health of the fish to be more efficiently monitored from the egg to the harvest. Because the system harnesses microfiltration and ultraviolet light technology to purify their water they do not introduce any antibiotics or chemicals to combat disease. Most importantly, this method does not pollute the oceans or affect the environment in addition to having no impact on the wild population.

Why not give it a try!

You can order Atlantic Sapphire Salmon from our website today. Follow this link to check it out!

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Atlantic Sapphire Salmon being Cut Up

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Feel free to leave us a comment or a review on our Facebook Page or tag us @browntradingco in a picture of you preparing/presenting/eating the fish on Instagram.