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Siberian Caviar

Browne Trading is pleased to offer a wonderful Siberian sturgeon caviar that is being farm raised here in the United States. While some caviar purveyors often mislabel their roe as being “Osetra”, the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baeri) is a separate species originally from Russian rivers, and is considered one of the most adaptable sturgeons to a farmed environment. The fish are born in captivity and are cared for up until the time that the caviar is processed, which in captivity can occur considerably quicker than in the wild.  Being raised in a controlled lifecycle environment with regimented harvesting cycles at optimal times has resulted in a consistency of quality sought by caviar aficionados who are coming to appreciate these newly introduced domestically farm raised caviars.

These cultivated Siberian sturgeons produce a variety of sized roe that are often compared to the finest wild sevruga caviars. These malassol caviars are characterized by a dark charcoal grey color with an attractive, almost mirror-like sheen. The flavors are rich, nutty, and creamy.  This excellent roe is slate grey in color with a sweet creamy flavor and bursting firm texture.

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